The Aftermath of March of the Machine_ The Aftermath

Within the wake of March of the Machine: The Aftermath’s huge leak final month, Wizards of the Coast has launched the whole lot of the 50-card set for gamers to behold. Host Blake Rasmussen was joined on WeeklyMTG by Emily Teng and Roy Graham to speak about all the brand new playing cards and the way they match into Magic’s forever-changed story.

Planeswalkers: The place Are They Now?

One thing has occurred to a lot of the Planeswalkers from Magic’s story within the aftermath of New Phyrexia’s try at whole conquest—their sparks have vanished. Graham was cautious to state that the majority Planeswalkers have misplaced their sparks, however left open the likelihood that there are those that stay able to touring between planes.

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10 Planeswalkers are confirmed to have misplaced their sparks: Calix, Guided by Destiny, Karn, Legacy Reforged, Kiora, Sovereign of the Deep, Nahiri, Solid in Fury, Narset, Enlightened Exile, Nissa, Resurgent Animist, Ob Nixilis, Captive Kingpin, Samut, Vizier of Naktamun, Sarkhan, Soul Aflame, and Tyvar the Bellicose. Now as common legendary creatures, these playing cards are nonetheless immensely highly effective and are paying homage to their former planeswalker glory.

Curiously, this isn’t the primary time Ob Nixilis has misplaced his spark, although beforehand it was as a result of a Zendikarian hedron was shoved in his chest.

The complete checklist of which Planeswalkers have been desparked and who haven’t is a intently guarded secret, for now. Planeswalkers aren’t fully gone, as Rasmussen confirmed that Chandra has saved her spark, whereas Graham confirmed that Teferi has misplaced his spark once more whereas Ajani has saved his.

Ravaged Planes

Very similar to March of the Machine, Aftermath options playing cards from throughout a number of planes, with playing cards that includes creatures and occasions occurring now that many planes are linked in beforehand unheard-of methods.

The playing cards have been revealed at the side of updates on their corresponding aircraft.


Nissa, Resurgent Animist and Karn, Legacy Reforged each discover themselves on the newly restored Zhalfir, however together with them are beasts from Kaldheim, as seen in Animist’s Would possibly.

Playing cards that additionally function Zhalfir are Open the Approach and Leyline Immersion.


Zendikar finds itself significantly exhausting hit by the Phyrexian Invasion, with Kiora, Sovereign of the Deep and Nahiri, Solid in Fury being stranded on the aircraft. There are nonetheless remnants of the invaders, with the branches of Realmbreaker seen within the background of Tazri, Stalwart Survivor.

Playing cards that additionally function Zendikar are Reckless Dealing with and Nahiri’s Resolve.


One other aircraft devastated by the Phyrexians is Theros, the place a compleated Ajani twisted the religion within the gods of Theros into Phyrexians themselves. The Gods are lacking for now, changed by a possible new god within the type of the angelic Elspeth as seen in Deification. Whether or not or not the gods will return, or in the event that they would be the similar after they return, relies on the conviction of their trustworthy.

The opposite card that options Theros is Calix, Guided by Destiny.


Narset, Enlightened Exile and Sarkhan, Soul Aflame are each on the dragon-dominated aircraft of Tarkir, however in two wildly completely different statuses there. Narset has completed one thing to seek out herself on the outs with the dragonlords whereas Sarkhan seems to lastly be at peace.

The opposite card that options Tarkir is Kolaghan Warmonger.


The college of Strixhaven is rebuilding after nearly all of the campus was destroyed within the Phyrexian Invasion. Teng factors out that the Efreet Nassari from the brand new legendary card, Plargg and Nassari, was compleated throughout the invasion, however mysteriously, is healthier now.

The opposite card that options Strixhaven is Campus Renovation.


Vraska was in control of conquering the aircraft, beginning with the Golgari guild and utilizing them to take the floor world. Niv-Mizzet, Supreme shines in a brand new card among the many ruins of the city-plane of Ravnica. Graham hints that Niv-Mizzet is maintaining a detailed eye on the happenings throughout the multiverse, and that the dragon could be maintaining a agency hand over the workings of Ravnica to maintain the town and guilds collectively, however didn’t say extra.

The opposite card that options Ravnica is Undercity Upheaval.

New Capenna

The aircraft is rebuilding with the assistance of all of the households of New Capenna. Ob Nixilis, Captive Kingpin is right here to attempt to capitalize on the rebuilding, however he’s not alone, because the Angels are again and never blissful at those that imprisoned them.

Playing cards that additionally function are Metropolis Reformer, Rebuild the Metropolis, and Rocco, Avenue Chef.


Within the ruins of Kamigawa, the Oni are breaching into actuality, trying to reap the benefits of the chaos of the invasion. Whereas Tamiyo was killed throughout the invasion, she lives on in a method, by means of Nashi, Moon’s Legacy and a scroll that incorporates her story.

Playing cards that additionally function Kamigawa are Blot Out and Demise-Rattle Oni.


The individuals of Kaldheim are celebrating their survival of the invasion with a large social gathering, so giant even the spirits of the useless are becoming a member of in. In the course of the battle, the individuals of Kaldheim destroyed their very own Worldtree to stop it from being poisoned by Phyrexia however it’s now within the means of regrowing, as seen in Cosmic Rebirth.

Not everybody appears to be celebrating on Kaldheim although, with Tyvar the Bellicose and the Elves difficult the standing of the gods, doubtless trying to reinstate themselves as Kaldheim’s deities.

Playing cards that additionally function Kaldheim are Arni Metalbrow and Feast of the Victorious Lifeless.


Just one card is coming from Kaladesh, and that’s Chandra’s mother, Pia Nalaar, Consul of Revival. A lot of the town was demolished within the battle, together with aetherflux reservoirs that energy the town.


Proper earlier than the onset of the Phyrexian Invasion, the vampires of Ixalan have been gearing up for their very own conquest. A lot of the vampire forces have been misplaced, however fortunately Huatli was capable of summon titanic dinosaurs to fight the Phyrexians. Cryptically, one thing was discovered beneath the Solar Metropolis, one thing of huge energy that will probably be proven extra within the subsequent Ixalan set.

Playing cards that function Ixalan are Harnessed Snubhorn, Filter Out, Tranquil Frillback, and Gold-Solid Thopteryx.


The perfect factor of Innistrad is that monsters are nothing new to the aircraft. Curiously, Sigarda, Font of Blessings is able to channeling the mysterious Halo power, probably giving her and the people an opportunity to struggle again towards the issues that bump within the night time.

The opposite card that options Innistrad is Markov Baron.


Popping out worse for put on within the warfare was Ikoria and the now fully ruined metropolis of Drannith. Whereas the people of Ikora have come out on prime, they’ve misplaced their one main metropolis in a aircraft stuffed with kaiju-sized monsters.

Playing cards that function Ikoria are Coppercoat Vanguard, Jirina, Dauntless Basic, and Drannith Ruins.


A lot of what we learn about Eldraine is altering now that the aircraft has been torn aside by the Phyexians. King and Queen Kenrith have died and since their would possibly held the courts in test, there’s chaos on the horizon for the realm.

Playing cards that function Eldraine are Coaching Grounds, Ayara’s Oathsworn, and The Kenriths’ Royal Funeral.


The individuals of Amonkhet can’t catch a break. First, Nicol Bolas created a generational Zombie military, then, simply as they’re working to rebuild their society, Phyrexia unleashed a brand new horror on the realm. The one card from Amonkhet is Samut, Vizier of Naktamun, the previous planeswalker, now Vizier.


One of many largest planes and the one which has fought off Phyrexia greater than any else, is Dominaria. Because the aircraft rebuilds from the newest in an extended sequence of calamities which have befallen Dominaria, the peoples of the world are settling into a kind of peace.

Playing cards that function Dominaria are Tolarian Contempt, Vesuvan Drifter, Urborg Scavengers, and Danitha, New Benalia’s Mild.


Two promos for March of the Machine: The Aftermath have been revealed on stream, Jolrael, Voice of Zhalfir, and an alternate artwork Spark Rupture. Jolrael is the buy-a-box promo, whereas Spark Rupture is the bundle promo.

Particular Playing cards

Spark Rupture additionally will get a borderless variant, with nearly all of the playing cards getting a planar remedy as an alternative. There are nonetheless prolonged artwork playing cards, that are completely different from borderless, in addition to Foil-etched playing cards. Playing cards that happen on Zalfir nonetheless, are getting the retro remedy for his or her present planar body.